Rules of the Game

 Rules:   (Only a few, really.  The rest are guidelines.)

  • No rights or royalties.  In 10 or 20 years please don’t track us down with any claims. The intent of this is NOT for us to retire wealthy by writing a book … it’s for FUN!  We’ll use an open medium and if you register on this BLOG and record an email address that’s still live when we get there – We’ll alert you when the task is Complete!
  • Topics – ANYTHING GOES, but PLEASE, KEEP IT CLEAN!    We’d like both adults and children to be able to contribute and want their parents to feel comfortable encouraging them to do so!  <Star Trek: will “Scotty, beam me up!” be a reality?>  By the way, if someone has already developed this product, please, feel free to enlighten us!   ;0)
  • You may submit anonymously or by name.
  • Categorize your submissions, in particular, when you’re submitting more than 1 item &/or submissions are related to several different topics.
  • Try to keep the different topics in separate submissions (if they’re radically separate ideas… like politics vs. movies).  This may not apply if you’re telling us a story of ‘a day in the life’ but let’s try to segment some of this.
  • We’ll start with several topics from which you may select, but feel free to add topics/headings.  It’s YOUR piece as well as ours!
  • We retain the right to review and decide what is published on this site.  Please keep it clean and you’ll not be disappointed.  If we feel the need to edit, we’ll let you know if we’ve modified or edited your submission (if you’ve given us a valid email address).
  • As with any open forum, a disclaimer:  We are not responsible for and do not necessarily endorse any opinion or text that is posted on this site.  You are solely responsible for your submissions and by submission acknowledge that you have the right to do so and are not aware of anything that would or should prevent same.
  • DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  JANUARY 15, 2012.  At that point, this book will close.  Oh, you’ll be able to read it in its existing (not final) form & we’ll probably allow for comments for some time afterward…  but technology and changes are happening more quickly than ever.  We’d like to cut the cord early enough to promote and enable praise for the visionaries who contribute.


Thanks for playing with us!   Site Administrator

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