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The birth of this idea.   What started all of this? 

In December, 2009, a few of us were engaged in a discussion.  As my sister was getting her ‘Kindle’ out to show – it got me wondering what life will be like in 10 years.  Then I realized in 10 years it will be 2020 and I was looking for other peoples’ vision(s) of what a library may be in 2020. Will libraries even exist in any form other than buildings with archives to which we take children on field trips?  Will we only have ‘Planned Outings’ because public libraries will have lost funding many years ago?  If print is dead…  will we just download whatever research or pleasure reading we need or want to do?  OR . . .

Okay – so now you know how we got started on this crazy book idea…  and now you probably want to know who we are and  why you should tell us ANYTHING?

Who are we ?

 The truth - just an average Joe/Josephine or two who want(s) to have some fun in the social media world. 

So… you want to get to know us?    hmmm…  well, I guess you can leave comments under &/or by our posts…   OR – you can email us with questions, suggestions, or whatever at:


And, in case you’re wondering - YES, we’re covering the costs of this site and will gratefully accept any donations!


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Why should you tell us anything ?

Just for the fun of it!     Our feelings won’t be hurt if you choose not to participate.  Our feelings won’t be hurt if you choose to read all of  the brave folks’ comments and posts who have decided to play the game.   You can even leave comments for us as to whether you like or don’t like what we’re doing… in fact, we encourage you to do so! 

In 10 years when we look back… it’d just be plain FUN to see what we were thinking now… how insightful we were (or weren’t)… & feel good about having been a part of this game.

Please - contribute, comment, check in on our posts and Twitter feed, and HAVE SOME FUN WITH US !!!

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