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A day in my life…2010…maybe:

I wake up… think , “I’d like to read an old Kurt Vonnegut novel,” so I roll over to the panel by the bed and click a few buttons (or maybe I just speak the commands) and the wall panel screen across from me lights up.  A voice asks, “What book would you like to read?”  I say, “Sirens of Titan.”  S/he replies, “how large would you like the print?… or, if you’re busy, I can just read it to you.”  I reply, “Yes, please, read it – and start at chapter three where the…”  S/he replies, “Is there any particular person you’d like to do the reading?  It may be fun for you to listen to Leonard Nimoy again – you know he’s your favourite for Vonnegut.”   …

                                                                                                                          Sandy Baker - Halifax, Nova Scotia 

So, Now it’s YOUR turn!  Have FUN!       ;0)

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