Telephones – Fred G. – New Haven, CT

It’s amazing.  The only person who calls me on my land line is my mother.  This is 2010.  What will happen in 10 years?

My concern:  What will my mom do when there are no more land lines?  I am discontinuing my telephone service – getting the package with cable that includes a phone (for now) so my mom can call me.  Why she’s afraid to call my cell I’ve no clue, but the greater concern is will she ever convert to a cell phone?

The cost of cell service is so outrageous.  What will the elderly do?   I guess this isn’t really a post of a vision the future.  It’s a post for:     1. concern for the elderly and    2.  will we successfully transition them to newer technology?  &        3. who will either regulate or assure that there is affordable service for everyone?