What’s it All About?

What’s YOUR vision of the year 2020?    (is it 20/20?) 

10 years ago, would any of us have imagined that we’d be reading the newspaper on line, communicating with people all over the world as if we’re physically next to each other, video-chatting, chatting and texting as we’re walking, talking, eating, driving, or even in our most private moments? 

Would we have imagined turning around and/or driving back home because we had forgotten and could not fathom getting through a day (or even an hour) without our smartphone?  How would we connect with the world …with our own world? 

I laugh when I write 2020… it makes me think of 20/20 – an obvious play on words… but in 2020 will we all have 20/20 vision?  Will they have developed Star Trek’s “Retinox 5” ???  An inexpensive OTC pill or eye-drops to bring things back into clear perspective (vs. surgery)?    I truly hope to some day gain a clear perspective in any form!

The purpose of this BLOG?   This is purely for fun… and will be a retrospective of sorts.  In 2020, we’ll compile the material gained from these submissions and produce a book/BLOG/eDOC in whatever the medium of the day! 

Who can guess what that will be?  & that’s your challenge!

Your Challenge?   This is an interactive/participative piece.  We’re inviting anyone/everyone to log their thoughts, ideas, funny stories re-told as “a day in the life in the year 2020.”  Or just jot down ideas of how you think it will be.  Feel free to contradict yourself and each other by submitting multiple entries related to the same topic, presenting different points of view. 

(I don’t know about you, but each day when I wake up I often have different opinions and thoughts about the future… and I reserve the right to change my mind!)

Thanks for joining us!   Now, BLOG with us!      :0)

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